2014 - SOLD

2014 - SOLD

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A Passion for Purple

Beautiful purple, copper and gold poppy painting. An original, hand painted, deeply textured painting by Amanda Dagg. The long copper and golden grasses full of a floral bust of poppies. Ready to hang..


Abstract Poppy Swirl

Width 16" (40cm ) Height 40" (100cm )Depth:-1 ½ (4cm) Abstract red poppy painting  ..


Allium & Poppies

Size: 12x16" (31x45cm approx) Painted on a slimline canvas 1.5cm depth Colour: Red, back, white, grey and silver More info.....Every painting is lovingly hand painted with high quality pa..



Width 20" (50cm ) Height 24" (60cm )Depth:-1 ½ (4cm) Blue, white, brown and gold​  More About This Piece Original painting acrylic and..


Autumn Flowers

An Autumn Floral painting on three canvas panels.SIZE: 36" wide x 24" high (90x60cm) ..


Autumn Magic Tree

Width 36" (91cm ) Height 20" (50cm )Depth:-1 ½ (4cm) Extremely deeply textured, almost sculptured, original painting.  ..


Autumn Scatter of Flowers

A textured painting rich in Autumn colours. The painting is on a set of three canvases and can be hung together or with an inch gap between them36x24"  (91x61cm ..


Autumns Blazing Glory

A huge 6ft x 3ft, 183x91cm,  72x36" joyous autumn painting. It's been a fabalous Summer, which wil be coming to an end. Soon the trees will be full of Autumn's wonderful colours. I'm going to mis..


Beach Flowers

An original, hand painted, deeply textured painting by Amanda Dagg. The long copper and golden grasses full of a floral bust of poppies and daisy flowers. Ready to hang from box to wall! Painted on a ..


Beach Garden

A deep edge square canvas painting of a beach garden with the sun and seagulls flying in the distance. 24x24" (61x61cm) ..


Beautiful Summer

Original poppy painting on canvas. Inspired from the wonderful British summer this year. Varnished, painted around the edges, signed and dated on the reverse. Comes with a certificate of Authenticity...


Blue Poppy Savanna

Width 36" (91cm ) Height 36" (91cm )Depth:-1 ½ (4cm) Original floral blue poppy painting on canvas  ..


Bluebell Dreams

Original painting by Amanda Dagg. Bluebell floral painting on canvas. Signed on reverse and varnished. Ready to hung from parcel box to your wall!Painted on a slim line canvas 0.5" depth (2cm) 36x..


Brown Poppies

Width 12" (30cm ) Height 24" (60cm )Depth:-1 ½ (4cm) Original Poppy painting More About This Piece Original painting acrylic and mixed media on a deep edge ..


Celebration Floral

A happy colourful poppy flowers painting in purple, teal, pink and green. In lush green grasses.Width 36" (91cm ) Height 36" (91cm )Depth:-1 ½ (4cm) Textured, almost sculptured, ..


Charming Poppies

This golden painting with red poppies is 16" wide by 20" tall.  A deeply textured painting. ..


Corn Poppies

Width 48" (122cm ) Height 24" (60cm )Depth:-1 ½ (4cm) A big black white painting with red poppies and silver grasses.   ..


Cottage Dreams

Original painting which is deeply textured with a cottage in a golden field with poppies. Painted on a deep edge canvas 36x36" (91x91cm) ..


Courageous Poppies

 48x24"  122x61cm mixed media painting on deep edge canvas.Black, white, grey, silver and redSigned, dated and varnished ..


Dance of the Blue Daisies

Width 18" (45cm ) Height 24" (60cm )Depth:-1 ½ (4cm)    Impasto style painting of duck egg blue daisy flowers in golden grasses. More Abou..


Dancing Poppies

Original red poppy painting with silver12x36" (30x90cm) ..


Dancing Red Tree (RESERVED)

(THIS PAINTING IS RESERVED)Beautiful red autumn tree painting with poppies on three deep edge canvases each 12x24" . Total size of painting is 36x24" (91x61cm) ..


Dreamy Blue Poppies

This tall painting would be perfect for a long wall needing a tall painting. The painting is painted with navy blue, teal, white and the texture is silver. This shimmers in different lighting.12" ..


Dreamy Summer Days

Landscape poppy painting of a misty summer field. I've painted these poppy flowers in sienna, yellow ocha, burgundy and candium red. They are surrounded in big golden grasses. In the distance are tree..


Farmers Track

An original painting on a slimline canvas. Depicting a farmers track leading to a cottage at harvest time. With red poppy flowers and thick gold grasses. Signed on reverse and the painting is varnishe..


Floating Poppies

Width 36" (91cm ) Height 24" (60cm )Depth:-1 ½ (4cm)    Impressive large impasto style painting of red poppies in golden grasses. Beautiful poppy flower floral ..


Floral Light

Beautiful abstract green, teal, pink and purple floral painting. An original, hand painted, deeply textured painting by Amanda Dagg. The long copper and golden grasses full of a floral bust of poppies..


Flowers in the Garden

Width 24" (60cm ) Height 30" (76cm )Depth:-1 ½ (4cm) Colourful poppies and daisy flower original textured flower/floral painting on canvas    ..


Flutters of Love

Width 36" (90cm ) Height 12" (30cm )Depth:-1 ½ (4cm) Original triptych floral painting of poppy floating in the breeze, like the first flutters of Love, the poppies flutter in the br..


Forever Poppies

 Red poppy contemporary painting, with misty poppies in the distance Colours: Red,green,blueWidth 30" (76cm ) Height 30" (76cm )Depth:-1 ½ (4cm)  ..


Forever Remembrance

Poppy flowers have been traditional flowers for remembrance for many years. I painted this painting with this in mind. I've painted some of the poppy flowers misty in the background to bring a subtle ..



Width 12" (30cm ) Height 36" (90cm )Depth:-1 ½ (4cm) Tall purple poppy painting. Painted with a sculptural effect giving it a very tactile surface. The purple poppies including the l..


Garden Floral

  Width 24" (60cm ) Height 30" (76cm )Depth:-1 ½ (4cm) Original poppy flower and daisy flower textured painting on canvas   ..


Glorious Green Flowers

Width 18" (45cm ) Height 24" (60cm )Depth:-1 ½ (4cm)    Original painting of a pretty green flowers   ..


Golden Dragonflies

 Atmospheric painting of golden grasses and little gold dragonfly's Colours: Blue, yellow, brown, gold, copperWidth 40" (100cm ) Height 30" (76cm )Depth:-1 ½ (4cm) ..


Golden Poppy Glow

 Modern textured red poppy painting with golden grasses  Colours: Red, yellow, orange, brown, copperWidth 48" (122cm ) Height 24" (60cm )Depth:-1 ½ (4cm) ..