Top 10 best selling artists

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Top 10 best-selling artist


I’ve been selling my art on since 2010 and it’s exciting to see that this week I’ve become one of their top 10 best selling Artist



I’m very grateful because they have sold hundreds of my paintings and given me opportunities to exhibit with them at Malvern Theatres and their Tetbury Gallery.

Coincidently one of the several paintings I’ve sold this year with them is ‘The gratitude Tree’



‘The gratitude Tree’ 48x30" £580



Own Art intret free loan


One feature I love is they offer an interest-free loan via the Art Council of England ‘Own Art’ scheme.

 No deposit · 10 months to pay interest-free loan.


If you’re an art collector it’s well worth a browse as they offer such a wealth of art for all tastes and budgets. They offer art from over 2000 artists.


My collection of art on 


If you’re artists I’d recommend them. Aileen, Humph and the team offer a lovely friendly service.



"Bluebell Burst" one of several paintings avbailable at


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